bamboo Spa by L'OCCITANE

Spa by L'OCCITANE - Jimbaran

Spa by L'OCCITANE in Jimbaran menyediakan 14 ruangan ( 5 single dan 9 Double ) dekorasi yang penuh kehangatan terinpirasi dari alam provence.


double room at Bamboo Spa by L'OCCITANE

Double Treatment Rooms

Shea Room and Almond Room with two massage beds and two shower rooms
Verbena Room with two massage bed and one shower room and Steam room
Immortelle Room, Verdon Room, Peony Room, Olive Room and Rose Room
with two massage beds and one shower room

single room at Bamboo Spa by L'OCCITANE

Single Treatment Room

Angelica Room, Red Rice Room, Cherry Blossom and Lavender Room
with one massage bed and shower room

bamboo Spa by L'OCCITANE

Other Rooms

Bellis Perennis : Used for Wedding Bridal room
Mint Room : Used for Lounge room /Make-up Room